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Hi everyone, I’m Jay. Welcome to J3fe (Jefe) Media. I’m a photographer from the NYC area, South Jamaica Queens to be exact; currently located in Brooklyn, NY.
I’ve worked in many different disciplines within the art of photography including but not limited to Portraiture, Branding, Lifestyle, and Event photography. 

Meaning behind J3fe Media

J3fe Media is Boss media.
My objective is to capture the Boss that you are. To tell your story through imagery by putting your best qualities on display. Your Boss qualities. Your unique attributes, characteristics, and features.
Whether that be yourself, your brand, or the event that you are throwing. The point of taking pictures is so you don’t have to explain things with words right? I look forward to helping you tell your story!
Jay Perry

J3fe Services


Once a brand can be identified it becomes easier to grow it to profitability. When you brand right, you make it easier for prospective clients and customers to find you and connect with you.


You don’t have to feel uncomfortable or out of your element when you stay true to who you are. Don’t feel staged or fake. We’ll help you capture individual or group images to last a lifetime.


Events were meant to be magical; they are even better if they’re also memorable. High-quality photos are one of the best ways to accomplish this and capture the memories for years to come.

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